Unter dunklen Wassern (Under dark Waters)

“Precise and understanding in the psychology of the characters – a cold little display of pyrotechnics in the ice-cold North.”

Tages-Anzeiger, Zurich

“Calonego wins over readers with thrilling and palatable writing.”

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zurich

“Tension to the very last page and a little surprise to finish off: a book like this is great fun.”

Neue Presse, Germany

“Imagine, Else Lübcke Seel, a poet from Berlin and daughter of a former great landowner, travels to Canada in 1927. On only the second day after her arrival in Vancouver, she marries a trapper and henceforth lives with him in a log cabin in British Columbia`s wilderness. For almost ten years, through her yearning for an intellectual soul mate, she exchanges letters with the ostracized American poet Ezra Pond.
It is not surprising that Bernadette Calonego, a Vancouver-based foreign correspondent for German, Swiss and Austrian newspapers, could not resist this theme.
In her second novel “Unter dunklen Wassern” (Verlag Bloomsbury Berlin), she transforms the real-life-material into a thriller with a fictitious modern heroine: A Swiss historian named Sonja Werner travels in the footsteps of Else Seel in Western and Northern Canada. But secretly, the heroine wants to find out why her own husband had died in a floatplane crash near Prince Rupert three years before. She is also curious as to why her best friend Odette had vanished that time.
The adventurous and dangerous search takes the heroine to such authentic places as Vancouver, Haida Gwaii and a camp of prospectors digging for diamonds in the Arctic.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

“The gripping plot is written convincingly and the wild setting of the Canadian wilderness breathtakingly beautiful. An absolute page-turner, enthralling until the last page.”, The OnlineMagazine for Women

“The contrast between the sheltered life in Europe and the isolated forests serves as the platform for the scheming of international companies that, for once, are not chasing oil but diamonds.”

Der Standard, Vienna

“Calonego merges elegantly the fate of a real historical person with a fictional character`s search for truth.”

Blick, Zurich

“Bernadette Calonego has written a crime novel of extraordinary global bearing.”, Switzerland

“The harsh weather in the Canadian wilderness plays the star role in this novel.”

Schweizer Illustrierte, Zurich

“A tale from the wild North, from the hunt for diamonds that lets us feel the vastness and wide open spaces of this nation.”

Neue Schwyzer Zeitung, Switzerland

“A racy blend of trapper romance, self-discovery and classic crime novel – inspired by Bernadette Calonego`s real-life experiences in the Canadian wilderness.”

Annabelle magazine, Zurich

“In a thrilling showdown, all the threads and narrative levels come together.”

Content TV book review, Berlin


Nutze deine Feinde (Use your enemies)


“This mystery novel . . . . is a remarkable debut that follows the rules of the genre and keeps the reader in suspense until the solution of the case is revealed.”

Schweizer Illustrierte, Zurich

“With convincing knowledge of locations, credible plot lines and solid command of knowledge, the writer depicts Josefa Rehmer`s life full of vicissitudes who finds herself entangled in a net of perceived friends. With the modern corporate world, Calonego opens a new field for the mystery novel.”

Krimikritik Paul Ott/Paul Lascaux

“To make it clear right away: With her first novel Nutze deine Feinde, Bernadette Calonego has created a crime story with an excellent plot.”

Südkurier, Germany

“Subtly interwoven are the stories of revenge, greed and intrigues   . . .  the answer to the ultimate question appears eventually  . . .   how it has to be with a good thriller  . . . in the last paragraph.”

Rheinpfalz, Germany

“’The novel has wit, charm and quite a few side blows to the vanity and macho behaviour of certain males. So be it! I absorbed the read without any damage. On the contrary: I had a whale of a time!”

Martin Limacher,

“A book with absolute star qualities!”

In Style Magazine, German edition

“It turned out to be a crime story from Zurich that has really nothing to do with the cliché of Swiss fussiness. It depicts in an authentic, relevant and fast manner the jet set scene and Big Business wheelings and dealings of the company elite.”, The Online Magazine für Women

“The life of the writer is as compelling as her first novel.”

Bote der Urschweiz, Switzerland